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What is De Facto?

De facto, the unfiltered truth stands out by using unconventional messages to reveal the compelling truth about the tobacco industry and its products, as opposed to targeting tobacco consumption among individuals.

De Facto is also:

Thousands of student-athletes across the RSEQ (Réseau du sport étudiant) who wear the truth and proudly denounce the practices used by the tobacco industry.

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30th June 2017

Then and even now: Big Tobacco and its LGBTQ marketing The struggles of LGBTQ individuals in this country are unique. Throughout American history, many communities have been oppressed and di...

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The Wire

23rd June 2017

How the Use of Tobacco Affects the Environment Tobacco cultivation and the curing process contributes towards deforestation, soil depletion, loss of soil nutrients and pollution due ...

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24th May 2017

Tobacco: a threat to our oceans Ask the person behind you what the public health enemy number one is. Chances are the answer will be tobacco. And for good reasons. Smo...

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De Facto, a RSEQ project

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