In short

Butts are at
4th rank
most deadly waste that end up in the oceans.
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2.26 trillion
kilograms of solid waste are produced by butts and other tobacco products.
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For each
cigarette butts produced, a tree is felled.
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Like burning wood, tobacco produces fine particles. Grilling a cigarette emits up to 332 particles less than 2.5 microns (millionth of a meter) into a cubic meter of air, according to tests recently sponsored by the Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control. In addition to damaging health, these particles are one of the basic ingredients of smog.


Water contamination

Every day around the world, 54.8 million cigarette butts contaminate our waters.

Source: Truth Initiative


Every day around the world, 137 million cigarette butts poison our environment.

Source: Tobacco Control


Comprised of nicotine, plastic and several heavy metals, cigarette butts take more than a decade to decompose. During this period, these tiny wastes do a lot of damage: its toxic components spread in the water and poison the oceans. Butts are the 4th most deadly waste found in the oceans.

Source: U.S. National Institutes (au pluriel) of Health /

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