Gouvernement du Canada

8 août 2023

The government of Canada requires that warnings about the dangers associated with tobacco consumption be printed directly on each individual cigarette.

Règlement sur l'apparence, l'emballage et l'étiquetage des produits du tabac

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8 février 2023

Le gouvernement annonce une nouvelle mesure de santé publique pour lutter contre le tabagisme

Le gouvernement annonce une nouvelle mesure de santé publique pour lutter contre le tabagisme

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La Presse

October 25, 2022

One out of five teenagers vape

Article in French only - Le vapotage a connu une augmentation fulgurante dans les dernières années, si bien qu’au début de la pandémie, environ 18 % des adolescents de 15 à 17 ans vapotaient, révèle une nouvelle enquête de l’Institut national de santé publique du Québec parue lundi.

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Sep 2, 2022

New American research outlines more dangers of smoking indoors

Smoking indoors is bad for your health, even after you put out your cigarette. According to a study, smoke goes deep into fabrics, furniture and other objects in the room. And this so-called thirdhand smoke can be dangerous to your health, even long after you’ve quit.

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Tobacco Reporter

August 28, 2022

EU Registers ‘Smoke-Free’ Citizens’ Initiative

The European Commission has registered a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to “achieve a tobacco-free environment and the first European tobacco-free generation by 2030.”

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August 20, 2022

Lachine community group hopes pocket ashtrays are a solution to littered cigarette butts

There's one item that Femke Bergsma sees all too often when she leads her cleaning team in Lachine — cigarette butts.

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The Guardian

August 18, 2022

Cigarette butts: how the no 1 most littered objects are choking our coasts

Some count long stretches of powdery white sand, others are fringed by dramatic cliffs. But no matter the beach or its location, there’s little escape from the blight that plagues many of them: cigarette butts.

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World Health Organization

May 31, 2022

World No Tobacco Day 2022

The harmful impact of the tobacco industry on the environment is vast and growing adding unnecessary pressure to our planet’s already scarce resources and fragile ecosystems.

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World Health Organization

May 24, 2022


The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing more than 8 million people a year, including around 1.2 million deaths from exposure to second-hand smoke (1).

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Tobacco Free Life

May 2022

Smoking and the Environment – How Smoking Harms the Planet

Smoking’s harms to users are well-known and widely-accepted, but smoking hurts more than just smokers. Through deforestation, cigarette butt litter and air pollution, it harms the entire planet.

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Allen Carr

Feb 7, 2022

Smoking Facts, Statistics & Side Affects 2022

This page will cover general smoking facts worldwide, UK & US to put it in perspective from the number of deaths it causes compared to other illnesses to how much is spent on tobacco a year to which country has the most smokers. It will also cover the side affects of smoking and the damage to the body.

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National Ocean Service

February 26, 2021

Cigarette butts are the most common form of marine litter.

Broken bottles, plastic toys, food wrappers ... during a walk along the coast one finds any of these items, and more. In all that litter, there is one item more common than any other: cigarette butts.

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The Naked Scientists

July 30, 2019

Cigarette butts harm plant life

In the first study of its kind, the plastic in cigarette ends are stunting the growth of plants around us.

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Global News

July 3, 2019

Photo of seabirds sharing a cigarette butt sparks anger over ocean garbage

Leave A Comment Share This Item On Facebook Share This Item On Twitter Send This Page To Someone Via Email See More Sharing Options DESCREASE ARTICLE FONT SIZE INCREASE ARTICLE FONT SIZE A startling photo of an adult seabird passing a cigarette butt to a chick has sparked renewed conversation about the impact of human pollution on the environment.

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Aha Journals

March 13, 2019

New and Emerging Tobacco Products

The advent of new tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes and the dramatic rise in their use, especially by adolescents and young adults, are significant public health concerns.

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January 25, 2019

Cigarette filters are the No.1 plastic pollutant … and don’t prevent cancer

Plastic straws and bags have received widespread attention as pollutants. But another, even bigger, plastic problem has been slipping under the radar – cigarette filters.

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